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Project: Boggy Mood @ The Really Small Museum
Role: Collaborator + Creator + Guide
Partner: Artist Christopher Lee Kennedy and The Really Small Museum
Approach: The project invites participants into the (often overlooked) story of the creek by sharing points-of-interest, natural and man-made found objects, prompts, and environmental history.

Christopher Kennedy and I were invited to submit a proposal for the Really Small Museum's second show. After seeing the two locations of the RSM and noticing Boggy Creek subtly linked the two, we decided to curate a walk that shadowed the Creek and connected the museums. The content of the walk came out of our own experiential research that we paired with data from a heavily researched dissertation about the creek by A.C. Boggs. The museums themselves contained findings from each point-of-interest that was highlighted in the walk map. To engage the public in the work, we hosted a community walk of Boggy Mood.

A digital version of the walk can be found HERE.
A link to A.C. Boggs dissertation on the channelization of Boggy Creek.

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