Ann is an architect and maker with a project management & design practice in Austin, Tx.

Her PM work revolves around the execution of local hospitality and commercial projects where she helps owners oversee buildings from design concept, through construction, to commissioning. She also designs and builds mobile retail concepts and tiny homes.

Her creative work takes the form of illustrated field guides, workshops, play structures, immersive walks, interpretive programming, and cartography. She loves developing tools to help people more intimately engage with and understand: place, ecology, and history. She’s been gathering hand-drawn maps of Austin through participatory events since 2012 and is building an idiosyncratic, hyper-local atlas of the city. In 2013, she founded the Odditree Society--a public platform for increasing awareness and advocacy of Austin's urban forest. In 2021 she was the Observer-in-Residence at The Contemporary Austin and wrapped up her tenure with an illustrated tool for exploring the museum grounds with fresh eyes. She is currently doing field research for an immersive guide to Austin's natural and man-made hydrological infrastructure.