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Graduate Studio
Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Professor: Juan Miro
Program: Park Site Planning + Modern Art Museum Building Design

Energy park program intent:

* Provide an interactive learning environment for children and adults.

* Those who visit the park should come away with ideas and methods to incorporate energy conservation/renewable energy into their own daily lives. Exhibits should deal with energy use at the local and global level.

museum of modern art concepts:

* If the park functions as an oasis within the urban fabric, then on a smaller scale, the museum should become the urban fabric within the park.

* Museum buildings become the juncture between two form languages: the organic (natural) and the orthogonal (industrial)

* Provide a civic building that is open and accessible to all walks of life.

* Idea of monumentality should be dealt with in some way—berms may take on the role of the monumental.

*“Covering” (mounds/berms) as a representation of remediation strategy.

Museo De Arte Moderno en el Parque Energia
Museo De Arte Moderno en el Parque Energia