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Graduate Studio
Location: New Dehli, India
Professor: Pankaj Gupta
Program: Orphanage (self directed program)

Program intent:

The New Delhi SOS Children’s Village will house and educate about 200 orphaned children. Each group of 9 will be housed and cared for by a dedicated “mother” in an “environment as close to possible as the natural family; a concept, simple, yet intensely human.”*

Also on site, an associated school will provide educational facilities for children grades K through 8. The classes will be made up of children living on site an others from neighboring communities The income range of these childrens’ families will be lower to middle class.

It will be very important to integrate the facility, particularly for the housing portion, into the surrounding community; the house mothers and their children should not feel isolated or separate from the rest of the neighborhood. The house should feel as accessible as much as an extension of the neighborhood as possible.

An attempt should also be made to buffer the educational portion of the program from the residential portion. Those living on site should feel like they occupy a closely knit neighborhood “next to “ or “near” a school, as opposed to “in” a school.

A loving family along with a dignified and comfortable environment will help the program accomplish its goals.

*quote taken from the S.O.S. Children’s Website.

S.O.S. Nizamuddin Sheet 3
S.O.S. Nizamuddin Sheet 3